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Originally Posted by LAHDPOP
From the web:

Torpedo. A torpedo is a device which is strapped to the top of a rail. When a train drives over the torpedo, it emits a very loud "bang" which can be heard over the noise of the engine, and signals the engineer to stop immediately. Torpedo's are generally placed by the flagman when protecting a train ahead. Torpedo's are about 2" x 2", red, about 3/4" high, and have two lead straps attached which hold it to a rail. The torpedo has discs inside and are filled with detonating powder. The Torpedo was invented about 1874.

Google is a wonderful thing. Give it a shot....

Just to show that "the web" sometimes is not always right, a torpedo does not indicate an engineer should stop immediately in all cases. According to GCOR rule 5.7, which governs a large number American railroads, "if one or more torpedoes explode, the train must slow to restricted speed immediately and remain at this speed until the head end is 2 miles beyond where the torpedoes exploded."

I'd question the credibility of this author anyway, since they believe the word "torpedo's" is mysteriously possessing something. Ah, I guess it is the new school rule that when you pluralize a word that ends with a vowel, you use an apostrophe. They must have slept through English class.

Perhaps the author was confusing this with an unnattended fusee, which requires a stop. And again, these are GCOR rules, which some railroads do not follow.

Click on for a good laugh and waste of your time.

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