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Originally Posted by DWHonan View Post
Step 1: Acceptance of reality, which in this case is that the images you've shared with us do not meet RP's standards. You've achieved this acceptance, which is good, because it means you can move on and begin to improve your work.

My advice: Spend a couple days just browsing through the site and get a feel for what succeeds here. Acknowledge that the stuff from your recent trip won't cut it, and look forward to creating new material on your next trip trackside. Try to absorb some of the tips that you've been given in this thread and read through Chase's recent "Guidelines" post. Google the term "rule of thirds" and read up on that fundamental principle of composition. Heck, go to your local bookstore and buy a fundamentals of photography guidebook (I personally recommend Photography - Seventh Edition by London / Upton / et alia).

The bottom line here is that you're young, you're just beginning, and you shouldn't expect to have immediate success at RP. I stress "immediate" because if you accept constructive criticism from others and apply those lessons learned each time you head into the field, your work will improve. We all started somewhere, and when I began getting serious about photography in my teens I didn't have a forum like this available to help me develop my skills. It wasn't until I made contact with a columnist for a railfan publication and got some tips from him that I began to understand the basics of exposure, and I wasn't able to actually put all the concepts together until I took a photography course while in college.

So, be patient. I remember wanting everything to happen RIGHT NOW when I was a teen, and the world just doesn't function that way. Make steady progress towards improving your skills and the rewards will come.
Sorry. I just got spoiled about this thread because I have been spending more time taking videos of trains and not photos. I have a friend who can help me with this possibly because hes been using a Canon Powershot slr camera since 2005. Thanks!
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