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Originally Posted by vcode455 View Post
Doug, you don't have a plain 50mm for your film camera? Just for kicks, I looked up some used equip. You can get a Nikon D7000 and a AF 50mm lens for $300-350. The good thing is D7000 is actually a pretty decent camera for digital images.
I think you meant digital camera, Greg. I have a D750 with a 24-120 zoom and a 150-600 zoom. I would need to buy a prime lens with the correct size filter adapter for the slide adapter, and the FX ones are somewhat pricier than the DX ones. I would also have to set up equipment every time that I wanted to digitize slides. The scanner takes up about one square foot on my office desk and is always ready to go.

I am looking for another camera to minimize lens swapping when I want to use the long zoom. I'm seriously considering a Nikon Z6 based on some of the results that Kevin has posted.
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