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Originally Posted by Mberry View Post
Photo of the week, no less.
Ok, I was sitting on fence whether to comment fearing to sound like sour grapes but since the cat is out of the bag?

When I saw it I thought oh Wow! Think I have something like that as in almost same scene from another perspective.

Image © Robert Jordan
PhotoID: 554980
Photograph © Robert Jordan

Even tho mine can't compare to some of Mike's, I have a little background in the area having been to Arches, Canyon Lands, Zion, Bryce and others. When the high sun is against you the scene is usually not that great, colors wash out, except I guess with some heroic PS. Personally I don't think mine is a SC but then... Certainly there are some positive elements but in my opinion the photo represents just the opposite of the description. The relative scale of the background and the train are reversed. Probably need to stop here.


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