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I'm fine with this picture. As Bob noted, you could do something to brighten up that really dark group of trees at the bottom, but I wouldn't hit it with a hammer. Shadows are not a terrible thing.

WRT resubmitting..... My rule over the years has generally been that if something gets rejected, I edit and resubmit ONCE. If it fails a second time, I put it aside and maybe come back to it later, if I feel strongly enough. Not that I haven't gone through several iterations on a single photo before, but my approach evolved. I suppose because in the early days, I didn't have many photos, so each one was more "precious." Today, I have 6 TB spinning on my computer and hundreds of thousands of frames to pick from. Letting go is much easier.

Honestly, some of the rejections I see here on the forums puzzle me. I ask myself if this particular image is worse than the endless parade of 3/4 diesel wedges we see every day and my honest answer is "no way." I would ten times rather have photos like this in the data base, where there is something to look at besides a locomotive and ballast.

But what do I know?

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