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A good idea in any problem is to start with the simplest first.
There is a factory reset to set all camera setting to original settings.
You can look in the manual if not sure what they mean or just google it.
I'd then go through all settings, making sure you are on RAW or finest jpg.
As you noted turning off in camera noise reduction.
Also 3d auto can be with tracking which is not necessary even tho it should work but depending on other setting the camera can fire while not focused.
This shouldn't be a focus problem since at 18mm it should be at infinity.
I'd use the simplest focus method, no tracking. I use a single point trying to find a fixed object near the primary subject, like the bridge.

You are fairly close to a subject moving across the frame but 800 or 500 should be plenty.

I see you have other images already post so assume you know processing but don't overcrop and save at highest image quality, I use smart sharpen in PS.

Also, when I get a new camera I go out in the yard or on the street and shoot some, look at them critically pixel peeping a little.

I really don't think any advanced techniques are necessary for this type of shots.


As far as shooting technique, you can google that, ie holding breath bracing etc.
Oh and clean lens, smile.

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