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The trip was a great success. We had 4 great days in Tehachapi. Met some contributors and got to see the PRS excursion go through both days. Stayed at the Best Western Mountain Inn in Tehachapi. Great place to stay. A great place to eat is the Bakery in town near the Depot. Had no problems with acessing most sites. Met Les who lives on Marcel road and got his permission to shoot from his property. Lots of trains and beautiful scenery.

Spent 3 days in Cajon after stopping by Barstow. Stayed at the Best Western in the pass. Great place also. Got a forest road pass at the gas station by the hotel. Got to meet Don Toles on Hill 582 and some other regulars Hill goers. What a neat place. Don is a great caretaker of the hill. Got to be careful with your photo angles since Cajon could be renamed Common Power Pass! Endless parade of BNSF GE units. UP less frequent but with some EMD power at least. Had a 4 X 4 Jeep Wrangler as a rental and glad we did. It meant no fear of going anywhere. My trip pictures, the good ones, on on Just search photographer Carl Massart.
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