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The "Downeaster" actually stops a couple of miles from my home and I see it all the time. Other than the MBTA trains, it's the only passenger train we see up here.

The photos from the news helos right after it happened were horrific. Apparently, there were 200 ft skid marks where the guy tried to stop. It was a 40 mph zone, but who knows how fast he was going. The P42 hit the cab of the truck, ejecting and killing the driver instantly. The truck cab was torn apart. The trailer, which was full of trash was thrown trackside downrange. The saddle tanks on the semi must have ruptured, because the locomotive was engulfed in flames. The Engineer (who survived) apparently brought the train to a stop about 1/4 mile down the tracks and was able to uncouple the flaming engine from the consist.

That was one hell of an impact. Amazing more people weren't hurt. Wish there was a film of it. It should be shown to all drivers before their next license renewal.

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