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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
DJI is doing that as a "cover our ass" move. They're smart enough to know that people will come up with hacks to get around that GPS-override sooner or later. But this way, they'll be able to look at the FAA and say, "Hey, we did our part, the asshat that flew this one through the window of the East Room of the White House had an unauthorized firmware version."
Hi Sean,

Yeah, that's probably a fair assessment. It would be difficult to stop a malicious (and clever) person from doing just about anything. What this will do however, is prevent a completely clueless owner of a DJI product from flying the thing in the SFRA, and I suspect that the vast majority of the violations are that type of thing. Basically, someone who has more money than gray matter, and can't even spell "SFRA", much less tell you what it is.

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