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Originally Posted by bnsfnut4924
Wouldn't the engineer have seen him an at least blown the horn? Wouldn't he also hear the rumbling of the loco? Also if he lived by the tracks wouldn't he know where the tracks were and to stay off of them?
It is a well known fact that people walking the tracks don't hear trains to their backs. Not sure if this has anything to do with the doppler effect (I am not a sound scientist) or not. If you think about it, your ears are better designed to hear things infront of you, not behind. The locomotive, especially at track speed, is "out travelling" its sound... and for someone not paying attention.

For instance, with sirens: the fast the ambulance is travelling, the shorter the distance the sound goes forward (i.e. surprising motorists on a 65mph highway when I am driving 85).

Ask any railroader.
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