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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan View Post
Your #1 & #4 comparisons aren't even in the same ball bark.
Not even the same sport. One is a night time streak shot, for cring out loud! Your photo should stand on it's own merit. It either deserves to be in the database or it doesn't. Ask what you can do to work on it or what maybe th screeners would rather see. Not whine about shots already in.

FWIW, my opinion is that most truss bridge shots workbest from a distance and more or less a straight on angle such as this one from one of my favorite RP photogs --

Image ©
Photograph ©

Five year old shot. Looking at it now, not sure it would be accepted now. But it ws rejected for "Foreground clutter." Appealed on the basis, "that's not foreground clutter, that's a railroad bridge."
Joseph C. Hinson Photography

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