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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
She may have exaggerated, or left out other things she did wrong, but there ARE actual real-life horror stories, like the sex-on-the-beach couple in FL who could get 15 years and sex offender status for life, or teens prosecuted under the child porn laws for sexting.

And wasn't Steve Barry arrested for photographing from an Amtrak platform he had a right to be standing on?

Yet they obviously do poorly at catching the hordes of spray-paint vandals.
Not to mention the porn scene on the ballast along some UP tracks in California a few years back (to which I have all the stills). And yes, there was even a passing train! It's amazing what people can get away with and not be charged with anything, while something as simple as walking along the tracks for a brief moment can result in a huge fine and punishment.
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