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[quote=Mgoldman;197012]Hey - the adds only reflect your own Google searches, lol!!! .............

I beg to differ on this. I've never googled anything remotely close to the trashy ads that pop up here on RP and when my virus/ad blocking software is not working I get all kinds on unrelated ads. Today's barrage is a mix of Batteries plus and Dunkin Donuts which is is appropriate but I hate coffee thus never buy or search it and I buy my batteries elsewhere. So today's ads are coming from my local area. If you have your cell phone location turned on and you have a google account and logged in on your cell phone, BOOM the related local ads are being pinged from your cell phone. So IF you turn that stuff off and you don't allow cookies to be reported on your computer, they cannot tell where you are (AD Wise) then you get whatever they want to throw at you. Since this site, percentage wise is mainly contributed to by male's or at least male names and the old adage that sex sells, hence the trashy ads. I've complained about the ads myself but it has went no where so I quit complaining and turned on my ad blocker. I contemplated becoming an elite member so I dont have to deal with the trashy ad's but I keep hoping that the high standards they hold to accepting Quality pictures would also apply to the Quality of advertisers they accept. I'd be more apt to support them with an Elite membership then. If I get censored or banned for speaking my free 2 cents on this matter, its been a pleasure learning here on this forum about how to take Quality TRAIN pictures.
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