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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
It's odd that so much money and effort would be spent on restoring such a large locomotive, without having some kind of long-term arrangement in place to ensure that it has a place to run. They've run perhaps a couple of dozen excursions in the past couple of years, but it is difficult to believe that after all expenses have been paid, there is enough recovery to pay for the next 1,472-day inspection as well as other scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. That has to be the goal, or in 13 years, she goes back into the museum.

On railfan boards all over the net, folks are constantly calling for restoration of this famous locomotive or that one. All of that enthusiasm is great, but without a place to run or a reliable source of income, most of those projects just aren't practical. In the case of 611, many people are just thinking "chase", but unfortunately, that doesn't put any dough in the kitty. Those of us who would rather charter than chase, and are willing to pay for the experience are pretty much out of Schlitz with 611, because NS will not allow all.

Ultimately, for the 611 thing to continue, they are going to have to find someplace else for her to run. If NS elects to abandon some lesser-used routes, that could be a start.....but then someone will have to take those routes over and make money with them in order to maintain a suitable right-of-way.

Big engines may be more fun to watch than smaller ones, but they are also a much bigger PITA to operate.
Not to sound like one of "those" foamers but they could always buy out and repair the Saluda ROW. Lol


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