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Question Why all the hating on gensets?

I've seen a lot of derogatory comments about gensets over the years, so I'd like to clear up, in my own mind, what the problems actually are. I'm not interested in foamer-type comments like 'They're ugly' or 'They don't sound right'.
Maybe the build quality is poor? In which case, that's not because they're gensets; it's because the build quality is poor!
Maybe they're too complicated? A miniature version of the monster locomotives of the '50s and '60s - too many engines on one frame?
Maybe the technology hasn't caught up to the ideas? Maybe the maintenance crews aren't properly trained in how to look after them?
Or maybe it's just a modern-day version of the steam-to-diesel transition era; they're just different.
Maybe they're boys being sent to do a man's job?
Or maybe they're just driving up a blind alley, like gas turbines.
Bring on the discussion!
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