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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Rejection noted aside, maybe earlier shot cropped without the cut-off pole would make it attractive enough to accept ? They don't have a cut-off pole rejection so use the Cloudy rejection. As is that pole is a killer plus the 1111 is about to run off the frame, way too close for me.

Providing you are referring to the top of the power pole - Those poles are quite tall, and one would need to shoot quite a bit wider to include the entirety of it. Wide enough, in fact, to possibly risk a poor framing rejection (centered train).

Perhaps a better option would be to remove they pole completely?

If both of your points were the screener’s issue, would they not ding it with a poor composition rejection? After all, they can also throw more than one reason for rejection, if needed (I’ve seen this happen to one photo).

Thanks for your constructive feedback!
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