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Originally Posted by Milepost 58 View Post
So I just sent a message to a photographer on the site. I was asking about purchasing a print of one of his photos. After I hit send, it said that the moderators had to approve my message before sending to him. You mean they actually read your private messages? I have nothing to hide but that seems odd.
If there have been past instances of spam or abuse, I can understand it. But, this is not DM, your message goes to the other poster's email, and if he replies you, it will be to your private email, so from then on, your conversation won't be monitored. What I find less optimal is that, unlike with comments, you won't get a notification about passing the moderation, the only sign will be the eventual reply you get (once I thought the moderator must have stopped my email when no reply came for a week, turned out the other poster was just busy).
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