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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
Many thanks Barry! The kind words from everyone is nice to hear. Glad to see everyone enjoys my images.

Yes sir.

The flexible schedule is definitely a nice touch! I'm thankful to be able to railfan when I wish.

I think it's time you got a timeout, Mike. Your immature comments are beginning to convince me that my time and effort in giving you a legit answer and my honest opinion was simply, not worth it.

I think our time and effort is something you should earn. I hardly find it right that we should give you legit advice when you upload 10 photos of the same, cut off cab car and act more immatue than my 10 year old sister.

Dude Im not acting like your 10 year old sister! What cblas said is exactly what i was trying to say but i couldnt explain otherwise!
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