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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Of course it's not high sun. You're supposed to stop reading after "Poor lighting."
As resident grammar nazi, you know that is not how the sentence is constructed.

The words contained in parenthesis clarifies the phrase before it.

Further, the description following the parenthetical clause removes any ambiguity as to what the author was referring to.

Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
..............Looks like a poorly lit basic wedge to me.
Yes, because when presented with the scene in the picture, you can only look at the train.

You completely miss the picture - it is much more than just a train.

This is due to your Pavlovian way of looking at the railroading world through a lens, brought to you by the folks at RP.

There is no understanding of the purposeful juxtaposition of light and dark, no comprehension of complex compositions, or artistic expression.

Only rigid standards that result in uniform compositions and that certain 3/4 look that people have come to know and expect.

Hence the reason why a great number of the images posted on any given day, all look alike.

Imagine what the world must have looked like before the cookie cutter images became the accepted way?

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