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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Neither one is near the top-viewed for the week.
Still, 5700 views and 35 faves for the Richmond is not bad at all!
Non-members cannot favorite image so if many views are originating off site faves will be low(are linked views still counted?). 20 favs for 12000 plus views????? I think as 1pc good for lower count and .5 pct for higher count

I find the Russians contributors overall excel in photography. It is hard to believe this photo is not screeners choice but maybe will show up a POTW. Sadly I missed it until showed up as Peoples Choice. This location is actually north of Sweden, December, does the sun even rise, what was the temp's. I'd guess train stopped for shot (composite and some good PS) unless someone else has insight?


Image © Sergey Krylov
PhotoID: 732856
Photograph © Sergey Krylov

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