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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
The favorites always tell a truer story than views.

Loyd L.
Agreed. Any photographer with an overly inflated ego can overly inflate their view-counts with external links, essentially using the site's features to self-promote. But only RP members can favorite an image.

When you see an image with mega-views and relatively few favorites, it is either an image in which you can't tell what you are seeing from the thumb or more likely and image heavily campaigned by the photographer using off-site links. In the case of the shot which started this thread, the image came from a photographer with a long history of forcing his way to To24 through a linking campaign. Based on the stream of submissions, there were others chasing the same train, some of whom actually got better angles IMHO, but their images didn't get the home page exposure, because the individual I am speaking of made sure of that.

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