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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
Making everybody play by the same rules is a huge improvement, and level enough to get Jim Thias' approval.
Everyone is not playing by the same rules though - unless you believe, what, only 3 photographers were heavily linking images. There are dozens of others that link and campaign though reaching the "Top of the Last 24 Hours" for the less prolific often takes a good 10 hours or so, vs 3 or 4 hours for the banned abusers - one of which still has free reign but is limited to "only" one pic - not quite fair to the others which are banned from TofL24 altogether. And you still have the Darwins, derails, salvage operations.

Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I don't like that idea at all. TO24 is a rolling window and should remain as is. Anyone's given hour in your scheme could come up at 3AM, making the recognition pointless.
Interesting observation - didn't think about that, but in all likely-hood, at least you'd come up at 3AM vs not coming up at all. If you don't "come up" until 3 am, its likely the person or persons that are preventing you from appearing would be the same ones preventing you from appearing at all in the first place. So instead of a shot appearing for 6 hours, it would appear for 1 hour before being replaced by another, and another and 3 others, an hour later at a time. So 5 other photographers get to hit the front page instead of the original poster for all 6. And you no longer run into the frustrating situation where you find your post accepted at the same time as someone who links, or posts Darwin's, derailments and salvage shots (or nostalgia ).


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