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Originally Posted by Andrew Crosby View Post
ATSF666 - Yes, I focused on the signals in the foreground deliberately. That's the subject in this shot.
Hi Andrew,

I think the issue with the signal shot is that the train ends up being just as dominant in the shot (size-wise) as the signal post and therefore comes off looking like the subject more than the signal does. So, the screener looked at the train, didn't see sharp focus and hit the reject button.

With RP, you probably get a couple of seconds at most for the shot to make an impact, before they move on. It is certainly possible to make a set of signals your primary subject, but you'd need a composition where the signal clearly dominates. This is one kind of shot where studying the work of other folks on RP really does help. It would be easier if "signals" was an RP category you could search on, but it can be done. It would just take some time. Over the years, I have seen a ton of signal shots here, and some really nice ones at that.

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