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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Was this your original try? What happens to me I start out with something I think is OK, maybe not great, then correct this, correct that and then it just gets worse and I give up or get a final reject.

Here is one I chose because not too common, the Iselin shops Glass house at Jackson, TN on the GM & O, gave up. then the next one bombed, I have others maybe better but I lost interest fo now. I like for the reject que to empty but now need to wait 31 days????

This was third attempt, very astute to spot that. First time blurry, second time soft, third time blurry again. Read the comment by Lloyd and threw away the picture and began again. Rejected for grain. I do find as you travel down the path of changing things the image gets worse. Might remove grain and get hit with too much grain removal Reason why I don't submit that often these days ,even though I have time on my hands, a lot of hassle.
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