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Originally Posted by John Russell - NZ View Post

No bolt or rivet can be missed in the count. A steam train is not likely to run along that line ever again, being 20-30 years since the previous steam trip.

[QUOTEI like for the reject que to empty but now need to wait 31 days????

Yes it's 31 days now and you can blame me for that. Why do you need to wait for the reject queue to empty? By the way the notification still says 7 days but I have one retained nearly 14 days.[/quote]

Just a little psych habit. Not sure what the guides screeners but somehow I think nothing in the reject queue is better than a lot. This was the fourth rejection for what I realized was not the best quality photo but one providing some coverage of an interesting GM&O shop not too often seen and of course well received by the less discerning fans. The next try at this shop failed and think these rejects did not help and I have others but not inclined to try now. Also, It annoys the heck out of me that I got a runaround on a 45 year old slide, just reject the darn thing: just wish it would go away.

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