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Originally Posted by gotransitf59ph View Post
Wow. Honestly.. your the one to talk because I DONT get you on this forum and your talking sh*t about a new member who wants to get going on this because he knows he already needs the patience! All im trying to do is get help on this forum and making sure my shots are alright to be uploaded as rp material. I did not think that New members on this forum who want help on his/her new Nikon are being treated like sh*t. So if your saying im the troll and not anyone else then dont! It just makes things alot worse. With all do respect can you stop being a jerk?
Step 1: Pick ONE shot at a time.
Step 2: Edit it to the best of your abilities (cropping, rotation, etc.)
Step 3: Upload to RP.
Step 4: When it gets rejected, bring it back and ask what you did wrong and how you can improve next time.
Step 5: Listen to the advice given.

If you keep posting 15 shots of the same cabcar or three versions of the same exact angle, no one will take you seriously and you won't get help.

Take a breath and slow down. Adding pictures to RP is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, a lot of patience and a thick skin. If you don't have those three things, this may not be the railroad photography site for you.

- Chris
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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