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Originally Posted by LAHDPOP
Google is a wonderful thing. Give it a shot....
Google? They own some real estate at the top of my web browser. I also like You should try it sometime, too.

I'm pretty savvy with search engines. I use them almost every day. What Google doesn't provide me is some in-depth insight into the subject, which is why this message board is such a great resource. Hopefully somebody who actually works with the equipment can reply and share their expertise and experience. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to ask some follow-on questions.

Such as:

1. How far away from the work crew do these things get placed?
2. Are there other methods used to protect these crews? Is the torpedo the last (or first) resort for protecting crews? Are they always used?
3. Will the train crew always hear this thing?
4. Does the on coming crew inspect and account for the torpedos?
5. Is there any special handling for this explosive device?

Thanks, and clear skies!

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