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FWIW, the sharpening routine I typically go through is the following. First I make a high rez "master" and after cropping, adjusting color, and so on, the last thing I do before pushing the save as button is increase it to 100 percent (actual pixels) and do an initial sharpening using the smart sharpen tool. For slides that have been scanned I typically start with a radius of 1.0 pix and an amount of 150% and adjust from there until it looks right. With digital originals which tend to be sharper since they haven't had to go through the scanning process, I usually start with a radius of 0.5 and 90% and adjust from there. No magic in those numbers, they started with somebody smarter than me and I have adjusted them "by feel" over time. To post stuff I convert the master to jpg at 100 percent (minimum compression) and resize, typically to 1000x700 px. After that I check the contrast and resharpen ever so slightly, usually 0.5 at about 20%

While I have gotten input from others, the above is basically a process that I have muddled into by trial and error, and so far it seems to work reasonably well. One of these days I should probably review with a more knowledgable technician. But my sense it that Photoshop gives you a lot of ways to skin the cat, and no one way is necessarily better than another....the best way is what works for you.
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