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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
Nice stuff, Loyd. I had a similar experience on my first California railfan trip 36 (yikes!) years ago. I came away with a slightly different opinion of Cajon vs. Tehachapi. After a day or two of shooting the "easy" shots on Cajon, we started setting up at locations that required some effort to get to. With its three separate grades, we repeatedly watched trains on the other two lines, or trains going in the wrong direction on the line where we were set up. As a single track with passing sidings operation, Tehachapi was much less frustrating, and more the type of railroading that we were used to.

We spent nine days there, and didn't see a clout. There was nothing that felt better than the damp air that greeted us when we landed after a rainstorm at Dulles.
Tehachapi just didn't have the wow factor as much to me. The scenery is great, but there wasn't as many composition options along that line as there was in Cajon to me. We ran into some waits during the night with the flashes because of locations needing a train on a certain track, but it's Cajon and something will run I can't remember how many times there were 2 to 4 trains in view at once there. A couple of times during the day required a brisk run to another spot when a train wasn't on the correct track, but that was part of the excitement I guess.

As with any of my trips out to the desert, my sinuses and skin took a beating. Thank goodness for carmex and lotion!
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