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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post

While you have may have a valid point that some captions may be too verbose for some viewers, I think that you undervalue a caption. The prettiest photo in the world is world is worthless without context. Many of the photos without captions leave me with more questions than answers, so I tend to skip past them. I would much rather have the option of skipping past the words if a particular caption loses me. If a photo captures my eye, I want to know why a train was there, what it was doing, and something about its surroundings..

As I have said before, I would not be against the addition of a "caption missing" rejection.
Good points especially when you're unsure of location and what-not, but I wouldn't say I undervalue a caption. Every photo needs a caption and I certainly understand its importance in describing a scene. I'm just arguing that the skill of getting your point across in a concise manner is something that should be used more and is something I am always striving to attain. It's certainly not easy.

Your mileage may vary...
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