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Oddly enough, it may be a hit for rail traffic originating on the West Coast. I am pretty certain Gallo is a significant intermodal shipper from California to the Midwest and Northeast markets.

Looking at their main winery in Modesto, CA you can see a few loose cars of what are likely inbound raw materials. That could certainly be a bit of traffic for the L&C.

Outbound shipments are likely to roll out in domestic and international shipping containers, which in all likelihood will find their way to Class 1 intermodal facilities, if they see rail at all given the shorter shipping distances in the East.

I agree, though-- good news for a region that watched a huge chunk of its manufacturing jobs disappear over the past few decades.

BTW, those tracks you see all around the winery are none other than the classic Modesto & Empire Traction shortline...
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