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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
NS would not hire because I knew too much about Railroading and considered me a "Train Nut"!!! What the heck!

Care to explain more on the NEC? (Wont see it until its on it's way back)
One of my friends who did several western trips with me in the 80's recently retired after a career with Conrail/NS in the marketing department. He is a very accomplished photographer, but never wanted his employer to know about his hobby, and stayed under the radar for the most part. He always claimed that association with the hobby could hinder his career, and your experience doesn't surprise me.

Maybe it would ease your pain to consider it from NS' standpoint. Think about many of the foamers that you have come across over the years. I would bet that many would let their infatuation with trains hinder their ability to make sound operational or business decisions.

WRT the NEC comment, Loyd addressed it perfectly.
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