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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
OMG- Too dangerous! Ties to trip on. Rocks lurking in wait to crush helpless visitors.

But seriously, it's good that not every fascinating place has been sealed off or sanitized (like Natural Tunnel on NS )
Yeah.... wondering how long that will last. I mean, it's Pennsylvania, not the Midwest. Should I add - "Taken with permission, hard hat and all PPE worn"?

Ironically, it IS very dark in that tunnel and easy to trip - and there are families that walk to the other end - which has a fence at the other end to avoid falling into the river below. It's as if they expect people to be careful all on their own!!! The very idea!!!! I am surprised.

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Then again, we did just up the speed limit to 70 mph on the majority of our Turnpike. Who'd have thought?

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