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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I agree completely!

(And I feel (and share) your frustration even though it's not my own shot!)

Your latest interior view helps better document your original shot (would be cool to appeal or resubmit with a link to it - and perhaps a message to the screener indicating so). It also documents the line, its history and that it just plain exists. Not the point of RP - the site for the BEST railroad photos on the net? Well, then - why are wrecks accepted? Or even generic roster shots?

I've had a shot accepted that is similar - of course, it's way better, lol ; )

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 332512
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

I am kidding!! Yes, the ties are there, and yes, I did a layered shot here (only to avoid the blown portal at the other end), but your shot is more then sufficient to capture and illustrate the scene, all in an appealing way. With regards to the flash - I'm cool with that - without it, though it might work, you would not be able to see the interior of the tunnel, nor the impressiveness of the cut and various types of rock.

Mitch, nice shot and good thoughts. I'm glad you put in it's a layered shot as Bob mentioned in the below quote as to not using a flash and that is why you don't see that shot, lol.

"Surprised you didn't mention using a TRIPOD, natural light, ditch the flash, lower the ISO, control the light blending exposures.

These state guys are not walking the tunnel and trail, use a gator or something like??"

All aboard, Rich
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