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Stick my neck out - since I never tried but in general-
Not that you have to copy others but for a start you can search for
"zoom pan" right on this site and find what others have done that works.
Going away is not typical and not sure how fast that train is going but what I see on the Acela is typically on a longer stretch and the train farther away as you want to get a tunnel effect and technically I would think the closer the harder. I'd also think that going away is harder as you are unable to "lock in" and begin to zoom as it approaches.
Slower trains would be ?????

There was another thread on panning and I was afraid to chime in but again on that one , the setup was not typical as the subject was moving into the frame. What you mostly see is the subject at 90 degree so the subject to camera distance stays fairly constant and you can lock in and follow before actually shooting.

Bob, who doesn't shoot pans so?
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