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You can go back and try to make a more interesting shot, however. I don't know if it would get in RP, but it can be made more interesting. There is a lot of distracting background, an entire neighborhood. Yes, I suppose the NKP track did at one time head to the rear, but one can hardly trace it now, it is just bare, featureless grass. And the buildings in the left rear that maybe give a suggestion of where the tracks went are just too far to be an effective element.

My eyes go to that pole also. So I would think about a closer cropping. I would also consider getting more of the track that is in place, perhaps having it vanish into the background instead of getting cut off at the side. Maybe also get down lower, and get more of the detail of the diamond, such as the bolts.

Lots of possibilities, I view yours as only the first, quick effort. Take some time, try lots of compositions.
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