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Let me just quickly jump in and clarify my thoughts on Canon....

They don't "suck", though I know Kevin was kidding when he said that, but Loyd was correct in stating I'll throw a pitch for them vs Canon.

Basically, just about any Nikon you can get your hands on will IN FACT have better image quality if /when you are shooting subject in difficult lighting (low ambient light and /or high contrast lighting). This is because Nikons (and Sony cameras) have sensors that are capable of recording more dynamic range.

That said... the latest crop of Canon's is much improved - starting with the 80D and the 5D Mark IV. Almost as good as Nikon - probably even indistinguishable finally.

My recommendation: Buy the tools you need to get the results you want.

Some things to consider:

ISO usable range (not max, but usable)
Image quality (namely - dynamic range)
Crop or full frame (basically, or... often, better in low light)
Frames per second
Number of focus points as well as spread
Ease of use - namely, having buttons, wheels and joysticks vs
scrolling through menus to get to commonly used features.
Ruggedness of the camera
Size and weight
Features (GPS, Tiltable screen, WIFI, built in flash, ect)

I would echo Kevin's advice - you can not go wrong with a good used or discounted but discontinued Nikon - they are bargains right now. Especially the D7200 and the D750.

Here's a great site to compare those items listed above:


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