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Originally Posted by BUFFIE View Post

I have come across a great B&W photo of a Sumpter Valley RY steam engine that I found in an antique store. Would it be appropriate to scan such photo and post if I stated that the photographer was unknown?

From RP's guidelines -

1. Please only upload photos that you have taken, or that you have the legal right to display (such as those passed down from a family member, those where you have legal possession of the original, etc.). We take copyright violations very seriously!

Several people I know go to train shows and there are boxes of B/W prints and he usually buys a few. They are usually VG quality and could be scanned well unlike some I have seen recently here but doubt that even if the owner were still alive, still had the original negative or proof of ownership they would assert any claim. However, as I read the guidelines, even if you knew the photographer's name, that would not be sufficient.


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