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I think missing point of FB groups. First if one has jerks, then just leave it. In Chicago area we have several good groups. Some are younger new fans, there are railroaders and guys who have been taking photos for years.

On Wisconsin and Southern group I can post a photo and the engineer will follow up or the conductor, not at all unusual. When you post there there is a real personal interest of people who work, who railfan there also. There is an Iowa Interstate group of really great people some of whom I have met. There are daily updates of operation. Chicago Railfan group has a wide variety, there was a post of the Blackhawk arriving at Oregon IL in 1964(he used to post here) and next a photo of a CN train yesterday. Yea, some of the photos are not that great but I don't care.

I started out trackside as a kid watching the Milwaukee and Soo at place called B-12 in Franklin Park. Some had little kodak cameras or none at all. So we watched and rode when we had a few dollars it wasn't about great photos. So today the photography is part of the hobby for me but not the only thing. The groups are just another part of the hobby.

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