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BNSF wins hands down IMHO. I, too, am from the east, but have spent time on both UP and BNSF. I always look forward to being on BNSF more than UP. BNSF has a greater variety of "common" schemes, so to speak. At any given time, you can find H1, H2, H3 and Warbonnet schemes easily, and with just a bit of searching, a visit to the yard usually, you'll find your BN and ATSF Yellowbonnets as yard power. However, UP's scheme is generically the same on all locomotives, with the exception of Heritage Units and SP/CNW units, which are becoming extremely rare. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind seeing some UP power out my way since it's not terribly common (especially after some recent changes on CSX), but if I had to choose between railfanning on two equally busy BNSF and UP mainlines, I would go BNSF all the way. And not to offend anyone in any way, but I would have to say UP is my least favorite Class I, and BNSF would be my favorite, if not tied or slightly behind CSX.
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