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I strongly suggest going down to the waterfront where the ARR corporate HQ is. If you go during business hours, the staff in the front office was very friendly to me and gave me all the information I requested, within reason of course. I asked for scanner frequencies, and where the best place was to find action, they were very accommodating.

The last time I was there (2 years ago) I caught the scenic RR coming back in with all their coaches. The tracks run parallel to SEWARD HIGHWAY to the South, and it's very easy to get off the road to get photos if you get into a chase.

The power for that particular train wasn't very exciting, a pair of older GP38-2's, but they do have some SD70MACs with HEP generators that occasionally find themselves on the scenic trains through Chugach Forest Region.

North of Anchorage there is obviously Elmendorf AFB with plenty of F-15's for your jetphoto needs, as well as C17's, and C5's. I'm a little desensitized to military aircraft after spending 10 years in the service, so I never bothered taking photos of them on the runway. Be forewarned, Air Force Skycops are kinda sensitive to people taking pictures of airplanes, so make sure you're on public property prior to shooting them.

You can follow the RR tracks North of Anchorage and about the point you get to Matanuska there's a wye and the tracks can either continue North towards Fairbanks or West and they take a longer round about route, but ultimately end up in Fairbanks as well. Follow the tracks West, and Alaska Route 3 will be your friend for that part of the trip.

Hope this helps, and of course a GOOGLE search of railfanning the ARR would probably yield excellent results.

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