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Hey, I can actually be semi-helpful for once!
I went to Alaska about this time last year. It was a great experience. Anchorage is indeed your best bet for seeing trains on the ARR. Shipp's Ferry is right along the ARR's Anchorage Yard, and you can walk all up and down it for the most part. The first two in the album are from when my family was looking at Shipp's Ferry. The other one from the album is a random train from a different day. As you can see, even in the middle of Anchorage, you can still see some wonderful scenery.
Another really cool place to go is Talkeetna. If you can make it up there, I highly reccomend it. If you've ever seen the show Northern Exposure, this is the town it is based on. The day I was there, there were two old GP40s in charge of a maintnence train parked there. Also, the Hurricane Turn departs from there. It is powered by two RDC's generally(which are parked there) and is the last flag stop train in the United States.
Denali is also a good place to take pictures. Not only is there a lot of wildlife on the short stretch of road that you are allowed to drive on(don't bother taking the bus into the park, everyone has said it's crowded and you don't get to see much), but there's one point where you can pull over and see Riley Creek Trestle, which is very big and you are able to see a huge vista.
Whittier is also another possible location. It is where the car floats dock and unload their cars. What would really be neat to see though is a picture from the tunnel that leads there. The tunnel was originally the only way by land to get to Whittier, as well as rail only. A few years back though, a large pork-barrel project was pushed through so that turned the tunnel into a joint use tunnel. Think of it as street-running in a tunnel. It's rather interesting.
I saw a lot of trains in Anchorage, and considering my family(who isn't as fond of trains as I am) didn't even plan to see any trains there, I think I did pretty good.
Hope this helps!
P.S. I forgot to include the link to this awesome site:
This site should have everything you need and more.
Oh, and don't forget about the passenger trains, if you really want a shot at a location, you'll know when they'll be there. Hope to see some good shots from you!
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