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Originally Posted by Mike B.
I've only been using my dSLR for a month and I haven't really done any type of processing. All I do is convert and resize the photo and maybe do a slight crop. I don't do any type of sharpening or adjustment of the exposure.

Am I missing out on a lot of quality by not editing my photos?
I think you're missing out on a whole heap of a lot. It's the analogy from above. You're turning in an essay for grading without doing any proofreading.

Consider --

versus the one on RP --


versus the one on RP --

This is just a small taste of post processing using auto features in Elements 2 with a touch of sharpening. It's by no means a detailed look, just a quick glance. Also, most people edit before they resize, not after they have crunched it down for the web. The quality of these won't be as good s if you had done your post and then sized it down. The fun part for us is to find what we like to do in post processing and do it. Every shot is different and should be post processed differently. I mean, I love to shoot at f8, but that doesn't mean I shoot at only f8.

Hope this helped.

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