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Here is the problem with this comparison, IMO.

The EXIF data (assuming the camera was set up correctly) clearly shows that
the photo accepted to RP was shot at 4:10pm on 1/24/07. Therefore, accenting the low-light attributes which Mike shot this in. Joe, your post-processing dilutes the photo into nothing more than a mid-day action shot.

As for the 2nd photo (BNSF), the only time these engines were EVER that bright is when they are fresh out of A) Erie, or B) the nearest wash rack. So the "dull" colors are fitting, why oversaturate the photo? That is why post-processing kills off the art of photography. It's just editorial work.

Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
I think you're missing out on a whole heap of a lot. It's the analogy from above. You're turning in an essay for grading without doing any proofreading.

Consider --

versus the one on RP --
Originally Posted by JimThias
Mike, you have some nice pictures, but this one kind of baffles me as to why it didn't get rejected for not being level...
Different strokes for different folks. Like when Emmett Bell was a moderator, I found that what he approved was far less adequate than what was OK'd by the other mods. Since then, Rob Palmer & Drew B. have done a pretty good job keeping quality a part of the site.

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