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Default PAQ's, vitamin of the month

Well it seems PAQ's are the trend here lately so I'll add one to the list that I thought would add interest to the site seeing back in 2008 I took a hike and caught the image below and there was decent interest and seeing I didn't venture inside due to time issues I actually missed out on the beauty of the inside of the tunnel only to get PAQ submitting a shot taken this year.

Image © Rich Clark
PhotoID: 227372
Photograph © Rich Clark

It was the first RR tunnel built in the US and I thought with the remarks it would interest a good amount of viewers seeing how my shot a few years ago did and it's not exactly on the beaten path. Guess you people can be the judge as in truth one can get discouraged trying to add some different interesting history shots with a twist of looks that in some eyes would add more interest to the site and catch on eye. Dunno anymore and frankly losing interest in trying to figure out what works for them or not I can certainly appreciate the grinding work the people did to get this tunnel done and to think they got a mere 18" a day done shows how today's technology makes so many not realize the brutal demands of making progress back in the day!

Thanks for your input and time, Rich

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