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Default B&W Film

I have a question that has enough unique factors I'm not sure where else to ask (maybe also on Stobist?) Anyway, I have a Shen Hao 4x5 field camera. In the past I've mostly used color tranny film ISO 100 pushed to 200 in it. I've also used some Ilford Delta 400 b&w when I needed b&w. My lenses are two Rodenstocks f5.6 and a Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f5.6 MC.

Here's my question. I want to try shooting b&w film at night. I shoot my Nikon DSLR at ISO 800 and f5.6 routinely and get good results. What sheet film would you recommend for me to push to ISO 800 or even ISO 1600? My lenses can sync at 1/500 since they have Copal shutters, of course.

For light I am using monolights x2 B1600 (640 watt second), x1 WL X3200 (1320 watt second,) and I have x10 Nikon SB-28 strobes (equiv. 60 watt seconds each.) While this is a truly massive amount of light with my Nikon f2.8 zooms and ISO 800, do you think it's enough for 4x5 shooting f8 @ ISO 800? I plan on photo'ing on a small scale to start out. (E.g., lighting the entire UP 3985 & tender at midnight.) I haven't tried the 4x5 with this lighting system yet. I did test my radio triggers though and they do fire the flash. Anyone have some experience they can share?

Kent in SD

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