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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
So what is the business theory, reject everything from a first time contributor and hope they go away? This was similar to my experience, I hung on but how many others just went away?

With the proper description, not sure what would be the harm of accepting. We certainly get our daily fill of CN in the mountains, drone shots of some rail yard, generic euro express trains somewhere etc. NS at CP blah blah.

Bob Jordan
Although accepted shots that may be sub-par are frequently discussed here, they are from photographers who have a body of work that usually meets RP's standards. While I understand your point, I don't agree that lowering the bar is the best way to get new contributors on board. It adds mediocre images to the database, and does nothing to set expectations that the site that purports to have "The best railroad photos on the net" has standards that have to be met.

I'm sure that most frequent contributors had things to learn via the rejection process as they joined the site, and continue to receive the occasional rejection. I know that has been my experience. I've looked at some of the "rejected by RP" sour grapes sites, and the photography is generally not very good. A new contributor's attitude is what determines whether they will flourish at RP. If they want to learn how to better their submissions, they can become successful. If they think that they are above needing improvement, they probably aren't.
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