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Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post
Lately I have been a NVC - No Volume/Value Contributor.
I truly enjoyed your series of photos from Carrizo Gorge - and just about everything you post. Some for historical reference, some for photographic reference, but most I find photographically appealing.

It is disheartening that you've been persuaded by admin to reduce your contributions.

I say this while browsing FB trying to determine where to post a recent double-header picture of the new ACS-46's. Let's see, The Railroad Photography Page or The Real Railroad Photogrpaher's Page... or The Railroad Guild? Or maybe the Amtrak Page? Eastern Rail News page??

I miss the days of RP being the one stop spot for great photos. Not that I didn't browse elsewhere but it's become a full time job. I hope admin can get their act together in an effort to promote the site rather then disbanding it.

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