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I'm not sure I would remove the appeal process for all technical issues. Here's an example from yesterday:

Image © Ron Flanary
PhotoID: 484502
Photograph © Ron Flanary

When I first scanned this old slide, it appeared "level" to me. Sure, the tracks are level, but look at the trees, all of which are canted slightly to the left. Why? Because this train is dropping down a very steep grade, so if the shot were truly "level," the track would lean to the left about one to two degrees.

However...when I uploaded the shot, I decided to make the track dead level. And, it was accepted. But I don't think I was honest in doing this. Had I actually leveled the shot as it is in reality, I would have gotten a rejection. I would have appealed...the appeal would be turned down, and on and on.

So....Level is not always "level." How 'bout them cookies, Jim?
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