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If you want to enjoy a good operational experience closest to you, there's a couple good options between DC and Baltimore. Seabrook MARC station is a decently safe area that allows a very... very close experience. The other good location is Bowie either on the museum side, or the opposite side (landowners are very friendly and it's very safe).

Both locations are within the highest speed limit areas between DC and NYC, which is pretty damn cool to be honest. Find yourself there during the morning or evening during the week, and you can expect 5-10 trains running 110-125mph every hour (along with 2-4 MARC service trains which is somewhat slower but they have more variety for power).

What Doug is alluding to is there is absolutely no chasing on the NEC. What goes by, won't be seen again until it turns at NYC, DC, Harrisburg, or Boston for a return lol.



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